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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi

Being embodied means to fully inhabit the container of your body. When we live in our bodies – we feel alive, passionate and expressive; we are able to relax into pleasure and easily delight in our capacity to feel. When we are not fully present  – it is impossible to feel all the pleasure we are capable of. In order to experience pleasure, we must discover what we really need, want and desire, and release ideas about what we think should give us pleasure, along with whatever we do out of habit, or for the expectations of others. Shame, body image, imprinting, trauma from incest/rape, and low self-esteem have all contributed to the process of shutting down and armoring ourselves; as the result – we prevent ourselves from living our highest potential of sexual/sensual/creative expression.  Thankfully, when we make the conscious choice to reclaim and awaken our bodies and ourselves – we can positively transform our experience of embodiment!

Somatic Sexual Healing

Talk therapy, sexual experimentation, sex education, and reading can help us to heal and understand more about sexuality and the body. Sexological Bodywork is one of the more powerful and effective paths toward sexual healing because we learn about ourselves through our own somatic (body-based) experience. Sexological Bodywork teaches you how to be in your body by helping you track your felt sense of pleasure, boundaries, needs and desires. When we keep our attention on what is happening within us- body/heart/mind- and we can communicate our needs- free from guilt, shame, or fear- we are able to access a  deeper layer of presence and satisfaction in all aspects of life- including- of course- our sexuality! Sexological Bodywork helps you to uncover whatever prevents you from enjoying a healthy, authentic sexual/sensual expression. When we can discover and identify our blocks – whether from trauma,(cellular memory), non-beneficial beliefs, or habit – we have the ability to consciously release our armor and give ourselves the freedom to cultivate new ways of being. I use Sexological Bodywork as a framework for my sessions and intuitively incorporate a variety of other healing modalities to best serve the individual needs of my clients. Sexological Bodywork is a powerful educational modality as well as a process of unfolding, to experience the most benefit and to create lasting change – I recommend committing to a minimum of three sessions. Below is a link to a short discussion by psychotherapist, Jack Morin, speaking about Sexological bodywork.




If you have any questions about my work please contact me; I would be very happy to answer any questions and to create a plan that will best support you and your intentions for receiving this work. Your privacy is very important. All forms of communication in any format- phone calls, emails, texts, voice mails, & visits are considered privileged information and will not be shared without your permission.

The concept of combining herbs and steam for reproductive health is not new a new idea, it can be traced back for centuries with indigenous African, Mayan, Native American, Caribbean, and Asian cultures, and are still commonly used today. 

I find genital steams to be an excellent adjunct and a compliment to my somatic sexual healing sessions with both men and women. I have developed my own unique approach to using this powerful modality, not only as a potent treatment to benefit reproductive health, but also as a way to discover more about my clients and their specific needs in regards to sexual healing.

What does steaming do for men?

In China steaming was used as a special treatment reserved for the Emperor. Steams improve the health of the prostate by bringing warmth and circulation to help clear the stagnant energy that can build up from too much sitting, pent up energy(emotions), and poor diet causing prostatitis. Unfortunately, a very high percentage of men have prostate challenges by the age of 40. Steams can assist in healing and are a good preventative measure,not to mention much less invasive and cheaper than new technologies using a similar approach http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2470412/Alternative-treatment-shrinks-enlarged-prostate-using-second-blast-steam.html. Steams also benefit men by improving cardiovascular performance, soothing hemorrhoids, detoxification, aiding in reduction of muscle tension, inflammation and lactic acid, they help to induce deeper sleep. They are a good treatment for increasing energy and enhancing general health.

How does steaming work for women?
Due to the abundance of blood vessels and mucus membranes, it is believed the essence of the plant compounds are more easily absorbed through the walls of the vagina. Vaginal steams have been thought to work as a uterine lavage to soften and cleanse the uterine wall of  accumulated debris.  Steam does not directly enter the womb, but the warmth of the steam softens the tissues, relaxes the pelvic floor, decreases stagnation and increases blood and lymph flow. Many women have reported that their menstrual blood looks different after only a few treatments. Some women have reported releasing blood that resembles coffee grounds (old dried blood) or even the passing of fleshy tissue (this is great!, better out than in!)  Usually by the third month of doing steams women will pass healthy bright red oxygenated blood. Even women who haven’t bled in years because they’ve been through menopause, have reported a “cleansing” of old indurated blood. Improved blood and lymph flow improves the vaginal tissues on a cellular level. Great results can occur for many uterine imbalances with steams especially when combined with (external) uterine massage and, when necessary, in conjunction with other health care. This includes: healing for painful menses, ovarian cysts, fibroids, polyps etc.  This manner of womb care is still a common practice shared by midwives in many Latin countries as practical post-partum care and for women who would like to improve fertility. For women who have normal pain-free cycles, steams are considered to be excellent preventative care.
I believe vaginal steams have a healing effect in a way that can’t necessarily be scientifically explained. Vaginal steams are powerful as a symbolic cleansing/ritual to help clear the energy of sexual abuse, rape, past sexual partners, abortion or miscarriage.

When should steams be AVOIDED
* During menstruation
* During a fever
* During pregnancy.
* With an IUD
* With extremely heavy flooding menses
* With any open any open cuts / wounds / stitches

* During a herpes outbreak
* if you have cervical, ovarian or uterine inflammation
* with piercings
* with an infection

***  New mothers should wait until their bleeding has completely stopped and until any sutures are completely healed before her first postpartum steam bath. Mayan midwives recommend having a Bajo within 9 days after birth to ensure the the uterus has flushed completely, therefore, preventing any complications in the future.


Working with Pyasa has been the most powerful healing and nurturing experience I have ever had! And even this is an understatement. I came to her for help, with deeply seated trauma, pain, shame. I felt like a broken woman, uncomfortable in my own body, with my sexuality, and my own feminine essence. Just in my first session all of that shifted…Pyasa is an extremely gifted, intuitive, and nurturing healer. She creates such a safe and comfortable space for you to explore and transcend your deepest pains. I have never felt so loved and so perfect as I did during my time with Pyasa. She has helped me embrace and nurture the goddess within. Today I feel like a totally transformed and confident woman and for this I am eternally grateful. Thank you Pyasa for all that you do, you are truly a gift to all woman.

Aga Postawska

Core Conscious health coach

Pyasa is an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer and I HIGHLY recommend her services. I’ve had serious pain and irregularity with my moon cycle since it began and I’ve tried just about everything under the sun (both western and alternative medicine). Pyasa made me feel so cared for and loved during our work together. Some deep and painful stuff came up but she held such an unbelievably loving and strong space. I felt safe enough to really face what I had been holding in my womb for the first time. She made it very easy to let go and allow the healing to come through. She also has an amazing sense of humor which brought light when needed. After our first session, my experience of my next cycle was already different.
I’m writing this almost seven months after our first session…My cycle has regulated tremendously and the pain (if any) is barely noticeable. She started me on a journey of emotional healing and acceptance that has taken me farther than I could have ever imagined. I will be forever grateful to Pyasa for her work and her beauty. If you get the chance to work with her, don’t pass it up. LOVE! Maureen Walsh

I melted layers of traumatic memories of the past, left with a stronger relationship to my sacred sexual self and have broken through a barrier of learning communication and deeper intimacy with my partner. Months later I am still amazed how my experience with you brings me much more in touch with my own nature and with my partner. Your compassionate open heart and mind along with your gentle healing hands are with no doubt doing the work of an angel…

female client age 29

My sessions with you were completely transformative. You hold a very safe space and I felt totally free and open to go deep into the work. Your words of encouragement brought me even further.You have many gifts to share and I am excited to see you again!

female client age 33

Thanks so much not only for the work we have done and for your entire presence in our sessions but also for your follow ups. I am so open to your insight and direction. You are an incredible woman and I feel doors opening.

female client age 38

I’ve been making progress observing feelings as they surface without investing my self in them. Feelings of self-doubt come up every now and then, but they seem to be loosening their grip on me. I’m allowing body armor to fall away with the recognition that the peace and love within me doesn’t require it.
The feeling of peace from our last session is still with me and it not only resurfaces on its own at times, but it allows me return to it willfully. Thank you for helping me find the strength. Abandoning internal requirements and judgments of right and wrong outcomes makes living simpler. My deepest gratitude beyond words to your loving essence for lessons learned and to be learned.

male client age 57