Understanding Your Partner’s Sexual Needs

In this article Dr. Patti Taylor reveals 21 questions from the Intimacy Adventure Playbook to help you discover more sensual pleasure with your partner.

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“Love Hurts” Demystified: 2 Truths to Learn Before Giving Up on Love



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When love knocks at our door, we have two options. We can run (as I did for some time) when the easy intimacy of the hormone-driven honeymoon phase starts to fade, and the triggers start to surface—or, we can stay and choose to use relationship as a sacred mirror and a vessel for transformation.

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Rising in Love with Pyasa Neko Siff

Are you afraid of the very thing that will give you the love connection you really want? The secret to a fulfilling relationship and satisfying sex is one and the same. Intimacy Coach and certified Somatic Sexologist, Pyasa Neko Siff, wants to inspire you to cultivate the keys that will help keep your relationship fresh and growing. Join Dr. Martha Tara Lee in her discussion with Pyasa as they investigate the most common relationship obstacle that stands in the way of long lasting love. Learn how to navigate your love relationships with simple tools and approaches that will enrich your life and lead you on a path toward self-realization

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Spiritual Perspective Podcast on KMUD.org

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A Dispatch to Spirit


A Despacho is an Andean ceremony offering gratitude to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Apus (Mountain Spirits).

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The Power of a Real Connection


Let's Play!

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